Metal Painting

Want to paint Metal surface Ready for a change? Time to give your sapce a makeover!

Exposure to air and moisture can cause the surface of metals such as iron and steel to get corroded and causes further damage not just on the surface but also to their structural integrity. Metal paints help protect metals from corrosion by forming a protective layer and giving them a nice shine. The type of primer you use depends on the condition of the metal object. If the metal surface is rusted, the surface needs to be cleaned properly and any rust or residue must be scraped off. Then it must be coated with a layer of zinc chromate primer before applying . Now, if the surface isn’t rusted, the regular full-bodied primer can be applied before applying the metallic gold paint. For ferrous surfaces such as your gate that aren’t galvanized, we use red oxide primer as an anti-rust coating before using metal gate paint colors. You can choose from a number of different colours for your metal objects from the metal point colour chart. Moreover, you can get your walls painted with special textured metallic paint for that glossy finish.

Metal surfaces are highly reactive and the resultant oxide layers that forms on the surface affects its appearance as well as performance. Metals are far more vulnerable, to exterior expsoure damage without some form of protection.Steel in widely used in buidlings. Rusting is a very common phenomenon observed in steel. Rust is an oxide layer that is formed upon exposure of the surface to air and moisture, ie to oxygen and water. Rusted Layer is more permeable to oxygen and water, thereby causing the metal underneath to corrode further.The rate of degradation of metal rapidly increases with severity of exposure. Metallic gold paint is the most commonly and widely used material to protect metals.Protective paint systems usually consist of primer, undercoats and finish coats. Metallic wall paint system is classified based on pigments used and binder (resin type)
Primers for metals are an important part of paint system. Metal primers promote adhesion of paint as well as protects underneath metal from corrosion. Inhibitive pigments are used in the formulation of primers, to prevent eating away of the metal in the process of corossion. Rust Inhibitors in the primers basically contain Zinc compounds offers sacrificial protection to the base metal. How Zinc protects the steel beneath, can be explained by our material engineers in the team.They would love to!
Red oxide Zinc Chrome primers is a widely used priming system for ferrous (steel) surfaces. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Not suitable for galvanized steel, aluminium, copper or brass. Red Oxide Priming provides anti rust coating. Shade is typical red oxide. Room needs to be well ventilated and the primer needs to be kept away from flammable substances. Due to the consuderation of hex.
Metal Wall Painting Services for your home Not just metallic surfaces but your home accessories and even your walls can be coated with metal paint for a radiant, shimmering and a textured design that adds a touch of charm and makes them stand out. Well, not just the interiors of your home but you can also coat your home exteriors with the best exterior paint for metal and walls to give it a metallic royal play design for a majestic appearance that makes bystanders look in awe.
Before we can start painting your metal surfaces, we examine the objects for corrosion. In case, the surface has been exposed to corrosion, we scrape off every inch of rust from the surface and remove the paint using a wire brush. Then apply a coat of anti-rust primer to protect against any corrosion. Once it dries, it’s coated with oil based primer before it can be coated with enamel paint for metal. In case of interior and exterior walls, a water-based primer is applied before it is painted with metallic wall paint to give them a truly deluxe look
There’s no dearth to the variety of wall painting designs that can be created using asian paints metallic colour paints. Our experts at 360 Painting Solution can make your walls come to life with their expertise and the widest assortment of special textured effects created using metallic asian paints. A much coveted silky finish combined with an array of textures such as crumple, dapple, weaving, canvas, combing, colour wash with metallic gold paint and much more can be created using the right techniques. Now, we only use high quality 100& acrylic emulsion paints that are environment-friendly and completely non-toxic. Needless to say, the metallic paint price would be the market price of the respective products.
If you reside in any of the major cities and are looking for the best painters in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities, you can easily avail our metal painting services. You can get in touch with our experts and easily book an appointment online. You can also learn more about the various painting services we offer including interior wall painting, exterior painting, and wood painting in addition to metal painting and feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries.
Create the look of radiant and gleaming metal on the interior feature walls, entrances, exits, trim areas as well as furniture of your home with metal wall paint colors. Metal paint colors are the glistening water-based paint for metal surfaces that can be applied to walls, furnishings, as well as accessories imparting a trendy, smooth and glittering look. This luxurious metal paint creates a smooth, glowing surface that glints and glows when suffused in light. Before applying metal paint to the object, one must add primer and then let it be awaited over after wet the applied coats.

Metal paint colors have outstanding coverage and dry to a rich high gloss finish. In addition to the walls, the metal wall paints and their deluxe designer finishes that are non-blackening are just right for surfaces in metal and wood. By and large, these paints for metal surfaces are water-based special effects textured paint that proposes an assortment of special effects for interior walls. You can choose from a vast variety of textures obtainable for different conditions and provide your wall with a flawless look.